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Targeting the Cause of Nucleotide Repeat Diseases


NUREDIS’s mission is to discover and develop treatments for neurological and neuromuscular nucleotide repeat diseases by targeting the cause of the diseases.


Nuredis is developing small molecule therapies to treat a group of inherited neurodegenerative and neuromuscular diseases caused by the expansion of normally-short nucleotide repeats sequences in human genes, with Huntington’s Disease as the first indication.

Nuredis’ investigational therapies target a regulatory mechanism involved in the transcription of expanded repeats. The technology is based on inhibiting a process that enables cells to make the toxic gene products that cause nucleotide repeat diseases.  The therapeutic approach was invented by Nuredis co-founders Stanley N. Cohen, Professor of Genetics at Stanford University and Tzu-Hao Cheng, Professor of Molecular Biology at National Yang Ming University (NYMU) in Taiwan, and their colleagues.

Nuredis stands for nucleotide repeat disorders.

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Nuredis, Inc. is located in Menlo Park Labs in the San Francisco Bay Area
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